Social Media, PR and Marketing workshops

What's the Story? Finding the Brand Story and telling it with a blend of social media, pr and marketing 

Podcasting Good Tips - My Podcast and Me

Brand Empowerment through social media, marketing and pr

Social Media Superboost

Brand Proposition and the Bigger Picture

Data Storytelling

Data Visualisation and Infographics

Jola is a senior international trainer for Thomson Foundation.

workshops presentation, messaging, empowerment

Jola at Salt and Pepper

strategic marketing consultancy

The key to personal coaching is discovering the bigger picture and finding your voice

Salt and Pepper's one to one training is tailor-made to your needs, your aspirations and your message Jola has worked extensively in the entertainment industry, as well as with corporate clients and marketeers Workshop themes include:

Customised workshop - coaching for specific events

Owning the Message and Getting it Across - interviews and presentations

Getting Comfortable on Screen

Hearing your Own Voice and letting others hear what you want to say - microphone technique

Looking the Camera in the Eye 

Clients include PREMIER PR